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Hybridoma means an hybrid cell witch made up by fusion of two different cell. in this technology hybridoma cell produced by an myeloma cell (cancer cells) and other is B- cell (antibody producing cell) and fusion of these cells produce monoclonal antibodies witch have both type of nature like high growing capacity like cancer cells and antibody nature like antibody B cell. in 1975 first Georges J.F. Kohler  and ceser milestin established the base of monoclonal antibody in lab (tissue culture).

Production-in production of hybrioma cells an B- lymphocytes fused with myeloma cancer causing cell through somatic fusion technique. for the fusion of both cells many technique used like electric pules, chemicals or many other inducers witch promote to fusion of  both cells in in-vitro conditions.



Monoclonal anybodies used in prevention , diagnosis, ant treatment of disease. for example that help in clinical field to identify to different type of leukemia. and other side they used to define cell surface markers that lead to the differentiation of cells on basis of markers. these also used in the detection of many type of disorder of human body and many tests for identify antigens.

Drawbacks-Three major drawbacks of this technology is

  • That is costly techniques so used by highest organizations or for research.
  • Take long time to produce monoclonal antibodies.
  • Some time harmful mutation appear because of somatic fusion.


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